I’m overwhelmed by support, and I guess inspiration can sometimes come from obligation. I love you guys.

Honestly, music gets me so incredibly frustrated. Sometimes after I finish recording something I actually feel like just crying from disappointment. When I was little I used to pray for a good singing voice, and maybe it’s improved a little over the years, but not enough to make me feel proud of anything I make. I wish I had a better range. I wish I could project my voice. I don’t like how nasally my voice is, and how it cuts out or goes out of key sometimes. I have terrible rhythm. It’s such a vulnerable thing to post songs on tumblr. The ones that I post on here make me cringe when I listen to them over, and I find myself asking the question: what’s the point? I really don’t know why I feel so compelled to make music. It’s such a love/hate thing.

I might stop making it for a while. It’s not making me happy anymore.


a charmingly shitty Leonard Cohen cover I did with the windows open in a storm

I cried. 

I made this because I was pissed at all the creeps of the world. (still am)
If you are seated right now, there was a point in time in which you transferred the weight of your body from your legs to the chair. You may not even remember making that decision, but the fact you are seated now proves that you did. Salvation is a posture of repentance and faith toward the finished work of Christ in which you transfer the weight of your hopes of heaven off of your own righteousness and onto the finished work of Jesus Christ. The way to know you made the decision is by the fact you are resting in Christ now.
JD Greear
fake mag for class
You get anything you want if you’re a photoshop wiz.
My drive in life comes from a fear of being mediocre. That is always pushing me. I push past one spell of it and discover myself as a special human being but then I feel I am still mediocre and uninteresting unless I do something else. Because even though I have become somebody, I still have to prove that I am somebody. My struggle has never ended and I guess it never will.

Anonymous asked: I noticed that you moved to van a while ago from some pic, how do you like it so far? does the rain bother you? whats the people like?

Vancouver is definitely the kind of place where you can do anything you want as long as you’re willing to work hard, and that’s very exciting to me. It is very expensive to live here, but I think it’s worth it for the opportunities you have surrounding you, not to mention the giant shield of mountains and endless ocean views. REALLY, the rain is not bad at all. It’s hardly a thing. Actually, I think I moved here before one of the best winters on record (for Vancouver, not for the rest of Canada) so the weather has been a dream, and even the rainy days are not unbearable since there are lots of nice cafes and things to do inside. As for the people, to be frank, they can seem quite hostile at first. I noticed when I first moved here that people seem to be more self-conscious, so it can come off as being cold. After being here for a while though, I’ve lost that sense a bit. Also it depends on what neighbourhood you find yourself in; some are more inviting than others. If you have a chance to, come visit! It’s a great place.


Light poster design for a Sunday afternoon.

So tempted to post a song I’m working on, but I’ll try to restrain myself for once and just post this text instead.